About Us



"Our customers always come first"

In Logisti-K we work every day with dedication and commitment. Our mission is to offer tailor made and cost efficient solutions for your supply chain processes, improving quality through our different business units, with the best team at your service.

Logisti-K is an organization dedicated to provide integrated logistics solutions to the right value and the right cost. Always exceeding the expectations of our customers, improving the entire supply chain; integrated operations, flexible and innovative applications, focusing on quality, cost reduction and world class best practices. We create long-term relationship with our customer. Our client’s success is essential.

In Logisti-K We focus to meet the needs of our clients, designing tailor made logistic models. We have experience in a wide range of industries and we have the tools to be your successful supplier End to End, All Inclusive, Right Cost Projects

Trust Logisti-k, when you choose us as your logistic operator we assure your service will be execute with the best equipment, technology, and strategy. Focus on what you do best and Logisti-K will handle the rest.



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