"We solved all your problems we empty our platform to provide excellent service in the time you need it."

Logisti-K Go is our mobile app / web platform, we automate the processes involved in cargo handling.

This will allow customers to quote, ship and track their goods. As well as our great partners and carriers, we can identify the capacity and match it to the customers, where they can ensure burden and reduce costs, providing multiple business opportunities.

This platform / app is developed by leading experts and innovative logistics operators, we have the experience to guide you through the path of success, and grow together, shipment by shipment.

We realized that there was a need in the market to have a practical solution, we started working and created an application that guarantees delivery of your burden and make your fleet profitable.


Agility Transport in the search.Reliable scheduling shipmentsCarriers certificates.Monitoring 24/7Direct control of shipmentsOnline Billing and Payment

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